Welcome to the new website

24th March 2020

Welcome to my new – and hopefully improved – website, dedicated to my writing.

Here I will continue to keep you updated with new releases, promotions and perhaps a few competitions every now and then.

To start with, I’d like to thank all those who have purchased my books over the years. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading them and will continue to enjoy my new books as and when they are published.

September will be an exciting time, as this is when I will be launching my next novel, Maid for Murder. This is the next Gertrude Harrington Mystery, but is also a prequel, revealing the tragic events which led to her departure as Head Cook at Templemead Hall, and how she met Bill Lennox for the first time. Read more about this new book in the ‘Novels’ section.

The first three Gertrude Harrington Books and Seven Steps to Murder were re-released with some lovely new covers last year. Although I loved the original covers, they did not perhaps reflect the cosy crime genre. The Gertrude Harrington Mystery series will continue in the new style, hopefully right up to the final book. At the same time I decided to revamp the Sawyl Gwilym Chronicles and Portrait of Shade & The Five Tors, and they too have evocative new covers. All books are now available in their new covers through Amazon in both paperback and kindle editions.

For those who are interested, I also have a new dedicated Facebook page launching soon.

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