Maid for Murder

The First Gertrude Harrington Prequel


As she prepares for a family funeral, Gertrude is visited by her old employer, Lavinia Rushbrook. Lavinia wants to set aside the animosity that exists between them: an animosity that started 6 years earlier when Gertrude was Head Cook at Templemead Hall.


Lavinia is planning a lavish weekend party to celebrate the launch of her debut novel. Notables from the worlds of film, music and politics will be there. But some of her guests have their own motives for accepting Lavinia’s invitation, and before the end of the first evening there will be murder.

Is the killer one of the guests, or perhaps the mysterious vagrant who has been seen loitering around both the village and the grounds of Templemead Hall? Is the victim Gertrude’s missing niece, or even the same mysterious vagrant?

By morning there is more than one dead body.

One thing is for certain, Lavinia’s party will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, and Gertrude’s life will never be the same again.

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