The Sawyl Gwilym Chronicles

A trilogy of supernatural mysteries: Master of the Scrolls, The Master of Prophecy and The Master of Time.

Sawyl Gwilym is a cruel and malevolent warlock whose influence stretches back to the First Century with his unending quest for the secrets of alchemy. He seeks to become immortal, to rule our world forever.

But Sawyl Gwilym’s mind hides secrets even from him. Secrets which, if revealed, might allow him dominion over not only our world, but also the realms beyond. For Sawyl is in fact The Storm Lord, the sole son of Mother Nature and Father Time. His three sisters – Elen, Gwenllian and Nimue – are the maidens of Nature, Water and Fire, and they will do anything to prevent their evil brother from attaining his goals – even if it means perverting human history.

Throw into this mix the mortals Gloria Schofield, Phil McFadyen, Matthew Silverthorne and others, each possessed by spirits from the other realms to aid the three Elemental Maidens in thwarting their brother. Not all of these spirits play by the rules and have their own nefarious agendas.

And if Sawyl Gwilym is eternal, can he really be defeated?

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