The Standalone Novels

Portrait of Shade, The Five Tors and Seven Steps to Murder

Portrait of Shade and The Five Tors are supernatural mysteries to compliment the Sawyl Gwilym Chronicles, whilst Seven Steps to Murder is a cosy crime novel told in the first person, which accompanies the Gertrude Harrington Mysteries.

Portrait of Shade features a painting from the Sixteenth Century, in which is trapped the spirit of a man, the victim of the dark arts. The painting was created as his prison, but his nemesis is reincarnated through the centuries until he comes face to face with his prisoner once more in the Twentieth Century.

Through the twists and turns of the novel, Eudora Donat, who has unearthed the painting, is endangered and then rescued, and transported back through the painting to the time of its creation – in Constantinople of the Sixteenth Century.

But that is not the end of the tale…

The Five Tors is set on Dartmoor, in a mysterious village that appears on no maps.

Rob Tyler is lured to the village by a dead friend and is drawn into a terrifying quest to reawaken the very Devil himself, who lays dormant below the Five Tors. Apollyon is awakening, and it seems his resurrection will come when Rob is sacrificed at the appointed hour.

Although he has help of both the mortal and supernatural kind, can Rob survive long enough to forestall this appalling resurrection?

In Seven Steps to Murder, seven strangers are invited to the isolated house of Cuthbert Waterfield, a recluse who wants nothing to do with the outside world. Cuthbert knows nothing of the invites, but the interlopers are trapped by the high tide and oncoming storm, and Cuthbert has no choice but to allow them to remain.

Few – if any – of them will survive the night as, one by one, they begin dying.

It becomes clear that one of the uninvited guests is a killer, and the race is on to unmask the guilty party.

But what if it’s not one of the guests. What if it’s their host? Or someone else altogether?

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