Death on Swift Wings

A good read with a nice twist that will surprise you. Great characters that are very reminiscent of the characters by Agatha Christie and our heroine (although no longer in service) is like the below stairs Miss Marple.” – Amazon UK

Murder by the Book

Fabulous. Really had me guessing as to who and why. I really suspected the wrong person. A great plot.” – Amazon UK

A Small Dose of De’Ath

A great twisty plot, neatly linking the loose ends from the previous book and the new plot lines from this book.” – Amazon UK

Terrific. What a well-crafted, demented plot.” – Amazon UK

Seven Steps to Murder

Very enjoyable read from Benjamin Ford.” – Amazon UK

Master of the Scrolls

Enjoyed this book and its characterization and plot. Plan to read more by this author and recommend this to time travel lovers.” – Amazon US

Portrait of Shade

Good as the other books he has written he is a really good and interesting read” – Amazon UK

Good Reads (average ratings out of 5) – as of 12th August 2020

Death on Swift Wings                            3.86

Murder by the Book                               3.67

A Small Dose of Death                          5.00

Seven Steps to Murder                          3.75

Master of the Scrolls                             4.00

The Master of Prophecy                        5.00

The Master of Time                               5.00

Portrait of Shade                                   5.00

The Five Tors                                        5.00

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